Man on a Mission 

After turning his life around, one genU Training learner is determined to make a difference. 

Feeling lost, scared and depressed, job seeker Hassan was buried in a swamp of hopelessness when he sat down with MatchWorks Employment Consultant Fiona for the very first time.  

Burdened by an unwillingness to participate in society, Hassan hadn’t left home in almost four years and says he was reluctant to meet new people, take on tasks or make any decisions.  
“I didn’t even want to try to fix my situation. I had become comfortable with my lack of living,” Hassan says.  
Through a careful, integrated approach, Fiona began gently supporting Hassan to explore his options, and they soon stumbled upon genU Training’s CHC43315 Certificate IV in Mental Health. 

Following initial introduction to Training Coordinator Vicky, Hassan recalls being overcome with excitement and inspiration.  
“I was delighted to meet someone who was patient, open and seemed so willing to support anybody.”  
Hassan then met Suzanne, the course trainer, and knew that genU Training was the place for him.  
“She just made everything seem achievable,” Hassan says.

“She has an ability to support without smothering me. She just has a great and likeable personality that comes across balanced and very natural.”  
Hassan has fond memories of his journey with genU Training. Looking back, he recalls one particular week where he found himself struggling more than usual. 
“Everything was falling apart and I fell behind. I explained myself to Suzanne, and she understood, which gave me the boost I needed. 
From that moment on, my momentum became unstoppable.” 
After completing his placement hours at a local facility, Hassan received a formal job offer and now proudly calls himself a Community Support Worker. 
“I feel that I am doing good for those that are often shunned or forgotten in society. Fiona was right – with my lived experience, I am able to understand my clients. I love what I am doing!”