Giving back with genU Training volunteering

“I really want to give back and help others achieve what I have achieved.”

Scott started his journey with genU over 12 years ago as a student, and is now giving back through volunteering within genU Training.

Through the years Scott has graduated from 22302VIC Certificate I in Work Education, 22301VIC Transition Education and 22293VIC Certificate I in Initial Adult Literacy and Numeracy (CIALN) Programs, while also being involved in many other genU programs.

Once a week, Scott now volunteers as a mentor in the Certificate I in Transition Education class, assisting the trainer and the students. A support to students in the class, Scott helps prepare assessment booklets and learning materials, as well as offering aid to students with their literacy and numeracy tasks.

Scott is able to apply his previous experience from completing the course to his role as a mentor to the current students, relating to students feelings, particularly if they are feeling overwhelmed and need help with the tasks or the workload.

Offering guidance to the class is rewarding for Scott, and beneficial for all involved.

“It is a challenge sometimes, but once everyone is focussed we have fun”.

Scott describes the best thing about volunteering as being the opportunity to learn new skills and meet people.

Scott encourages the students to keep going with their work and explains that it will be worth it in the end when they reach the great goal of getting a certificate.

Courses at genU Training (TOID 5553) are now available. For more information, call genU Training on 1300 582 687