Understanding Mental Illness | genU Training | RTO 5553 Understanding Mental Illness | genU Training | RTO 5553

This 30-minute module is designed to build your understanding of the concept of mental health. Examine your own perceptions of mental health and mental illness and build your knowledge with real life examples and case studies of people living with mental illness. Upon completion, you will be awarded a digital credential to add to your professional profile.

Module inclusions:

  • Factors that contribute to a person’s mental health including emotional, psychological, and social.
  • Mental health as a continuum that fluctuates during people’s lives, incorporating different states of well-being including healthy, unsettled, struggling, crisis, healing, healthy.
  • The causes of mental illness and how mental illness is experienced differently.
  • Stigmas and misconceptions that people living with mental illness face in their daily lives.
  • Supporting people who are struggling or in crisis with a mental illness.

Complete a short assessment to receive your digital credential.

There are no entry requirements for this microcredential. To complete the course, you will need basic digital literacy skills and access to a laptop, desktop computer or full-size tablet that is connected to the internet.

Understanding Mental Illness $59

Study Mode:

Course Length
Self-paced: This credential takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.