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Process Worker & Food Manufacturing Ready (Online)

genU Training has created this program to ensure you have the skills and knowledge required for your next employment opportunity into Process Work and Food Manufacturing. You will learn to incorporate safe work practices, and safe food hygiene practices and develop the skills required to adhere to the strict codes in the modern food manufacturing environment .

This 4 day online accredited course will equip you with the skills necessary to work in entry level roles in the food manufacturing and food processing industry.


This course includes non-accredited content with the addition of the following nationally accredited unit(s):

  • SITXWHS001 – Participate in safe work practices
  • SITXFSA001 – Use hygienic practices for food safety


What will you learn?

  • Follow safe hygiene procedures within the food industry
  • Meet personal hygiene and cleaning practice standards
  • Ability to identify and remove food hazards following company policies and procedures
  • Prevent food contamination and cross contamination
  • Ability to identify safe and non-safe practices within a hospitality setting
  • Ability to follow reporting procedures for unsafe practices in the workplace
  • Identify risks & hazards in the workplace & learn how to manage them effectively.
  • Follow and understand procedures for emergency situations


Session Content

Day Session
Day 1

 Online registration

 10:30am – 3:00pm 

Complete your online registration before 10:00am

Real time instructor led training session via video conference

SITXWHS001 – Participate in safe work practices

  • Working safely in the workplace
  • Following procedures for emergency situations
  • How to participate in organisational WHS practices
Day 2

 10:30am – 1:30pm

 2:00pm – 3:00pm


Real time instructor led training session via video conference

Complete online eLearning activities and view demonstrations via Learning Management System

SITXFSA001 – Use hygienic practices for food safety

  • Personal hygiene and cleaning practices
  • Prevent contamination of food
  • Develop the skills to identify and control food hazards
  • Understand relevant food safety laws, standard codes
  • Develop skills using food preparation techniques
Day 3

 9:30am – 5:00pm 

Assessment activities for SITXFSA001 via video conference – your allotted assessment time will be provided on Day 1.

SITXFSA001 – Use hygienic practices for food safety

Day 4

 9:30am – 5:00pm 

Assessment activities for SITXWHS001 including evacuation procedures via video conference – your allotted assessment time will be provided on Day 1.

SITXWHS001 – Participate in safe work practices


Upon successful completion, a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment will be issued for the following units of competency:

  • SITXWHS001 – Participate in safe work practices
  • SITXFSA001 – Use hygienic practices for food safety


You will be assessed through out the training sessions, and will be required to demonstrate the knowledge and skills to gain competency over multiple assessments:

  • A short quiz
  • A practical task based completed via video conference by your trainer 1:1
  • A case study
  • Written questions/tasks


When you study with genU Training, we want you to succeed. Entry requirements allow us to make sure that you have the right pre-existing knowledge and skills to achieve your chosen course. You will need to provide evidence that you meet the requirements listed in this section.

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course. You can apply for this course now.


Study requirements

During your study, you will need to meet specific requirements that are necessary for you to complete your course work and be successful:

1. Language, Literacy and Numeracy

Students will need to demonstrate that they have the appropriate language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) skills

2. Your time

The use hygienic practices for food safety course is a four day commitment. Please ensure you allow time for yourself to be available for each day

3. Your agreement

Please note this training will be recorded for video assessment evidence

4. Your equipment

      • Hand washing basin
      • Hand soap
      • Chopping board
      • Tongs
      • Knives
      • Plates
      • Paper towel
      • Rubbish bin
      • Gloves

Variety of produce including:

      • Butter/margarine
      • Bread/wrap/roll
      • Tomato/avocado/lettuce
      • Cheese
      • A meat product

5. Your workstation

Make sure you have a suitable area to complete your training

e.g.  Desk/table, comfortable chair, no tripping hazards and room to move around for assessment.
Make sure you’ve got access to water/tea/coffee (you will also get a lunch break)

6. Your setup

Your training can be completed anywhere you have access to data/Wifi on a Desktop Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone.

You will need to download & have access to Zoom (video conference software) prior to your training, this will allow you to login to your ‘live’ training sessions, you can do this by searching Zoom in:

        • App Store on your IPhone/IPad/MacBook
        • Google Play on your Android phone/tablet
        • Copy & Paste the following link on your laptop or desktop computer web browser:

Please note: You will need access to turn your Camera and Microphone on as required when using video conference

You must complete your online enrolment to gain access to the Learning Management System (LMS) online learning login details

What you will get from us

An email from us 24 hours prior to your training, this email will  include:

  • A link for you to click on that will automatically open your Zoom app  and take you to your ‘live’ training session on the day of your training. Please ensure you click this link 10 minutes prior to your training start time
  • Instructions of how to login to the LMS to complete your online learning activities and view demonstrations


Australian residents can access this course via our full fee for service rate.

Fee For Service
$AUD 1,200.00 (per person)

* Course costs may vary subject to location and equipment requirements

There may also be other charges such as material or amenities fees. A genU Training staff member will assist you in determining your course fees and a statement of fees detailing all course charges will be provided prior to enrolment.

For full details of genU Training’s course fees please view our Fees & Charges page.


genU Training offer Process Worker & Food Manufacturing Ready Online, in the following format:

Virtual Training Room (day)  – Study in real time online with instructor-led sessions via video conferencing, supplemented with guided activities via the Learning Management System (eLearning)

        • days 1 & 2 (10:00am – 3:00pm)
        • days 3 & 4 (9:00am – 5:00pm)


Time zones:  Local state time zones are observed


Need assistance or have a question. Please contact the Training U For Work team on:

Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm (AEST/AEDT)

Office: 1300 582 687 (option 4) ; or

Direct: 0477 026 638 ; or



Study Mode:
Online (day) via virtual training room

Course Length
4 days