Connecting with First Nations People | genU Training | RTO 5553 Connecting with First Nations People | genU Training | RTO 5553

Build your confidence to work respectfully and effectively with Indigenous Australians with this 65 minute module. Upon completion, you will be awarded a digital credential to add to your professional profile.

Module inclusions:

  • The shared history between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians and the impact of colonisation and historical injustices on Indigenous Australians
  • The socio-economic disadvantages that Indigenous Australians continue to face and the focus on self-determination and cultural safety to improve disparities
  • What organisations can do to bring Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians together in the workplace
  • Strategies to improve employment outcomes for Indigenous Australians

Complete a short assessment to receive your digital credential.

There are no entry requirements for this microcredential. To complete the course, you will need basic digital literacy skills and access to a laptop, desktop computer or full-size tablet that is connected to the internet.

Connecting with First Nations People $59

Study Mode:

Course Length
Self-paced: This credential takes approximately 65 minutes to complete.