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Two people in conversation at an employment services office.

Community Excellence in Professional Practice is an online learning package specifically created for those working on the frontline in the employment services sector. It includes nine self-paced digital credentials and one instructor led short course, with the option to book onsite training for groups.

This is industry specific, schedule-friendly training that will enhance your skills, provide deeper insights into your clientele and help you navigate the daily challenges of your field. You will earn verified digital credentials upon completion.

Community excellence in professional practice

Digital credentials:

  • Family Violence: Gain insights and skills to create safer homes and stronger relationships.
  • Intergenerational Unemployment: Break the cycle and unlock economic opportunities for generations to come.
  • Increasing Disability Confidence: Learn to foster inclusivity and accessibility in every aspect of life.
  • Understanding Mental Illness: Acquire essential knowledge to support mental well-being and reduce stigma.
  • Understanding Homelessness: Explore the root causes and contribute to effective solutions for those in need.
  • Connecting with First Nations People: Bridge cultures, build relationships, and promote meaningful understanding.
  • Recognising Substance Dependence: Develop the tools to provide empathy and assistance to those struggling.
  • Increasing Cultural Capability: Enhancing cultural competence, navigating diversity for inclusive and effective interactions.
  • Supporting Inclusion of LGBTQIA+ Communities: Fostering understanding and support for LGBTQIA+ communities, promoting inclusivity and acceptance for all.

Instructor led virtual training:

  • Mental Health First Aid: Learn how to provide initial support to those who are experiencing mental health issues.

Face to face training (optional):

  • Conflict Management and Personal Safety Training: Learn effective strategies to resolve conflicts peacefully while prioritising your safety in various situations. Empower yourself for a secure and harmonious environment. This training can be tailored for organisations and is delivered in the workplace or on-campus.

Conflict Management and Personal Safety Training is an optional extra for workforce groups. This is not included in the course price. Please contact genU Training to discuss group pricing.

There are no entry requirements for this microcredential. To complete the course, you will need basic digital literacy skills and access to a laptop, desktop computer or full-size tablet that is connected to the internet.

Community Excellence in Professional Practice $450

Study Mode:
eLearning + Virtual Training + Face to face training (optional)

Course Length
eLearning: Self-paced + Virtual Training: 6 hrs + Face to face training: 6.5 hrs