“I’m a miracle. Doing this course makes miracles!”

“I’m a miracle. Doing this course makes miracles!”

Published: 16 Oct 2017


Lisa successfully completed her first qualification in September this year with genU Training, after choosing to undertake a Certificate I in Work Education and is proudly celebrating her achievements and her new job that she gained through participating in a work placement during this course.

Lisa describes her many past experiences with training as being unsuccessful and, despite her nervousness at starting another course, Lisa found that her group of fellow students all had similar past experiences which made her feel comfortable and at ease. She says “I have a disability, so I feel really comfortable relating to others with a disability, and the trainers have been very understanding with our group.”?

The Certificate I in Work Education focusses on building skills and confidence in preparation for employment and Lisa describes many highlights of the year-long course, including the interesting excursions, learning to use computers, sessions teaching budgeting and organising skills and her favourite, the hospitality taster, where she learned barista skills and customer service. This love of hospitality led Lisa’s trainer, Kevin, to source a work placement in the kitchen at genU Business Solutions, where she joined the team preparing vegetables for hospitals, aged care facilities, local vegetable wholesales, Seasons catering and Seasons cafes. Lisa absolutely loved this experience and this created her dream for the future.

As a busy mum to a 10 year old daughter with a learning disability and autism and a step-son, Lisa is keen to be a role model and show her children how much can be achieved through building skills and knowledge.

Lisa recently achieved her goal of gaining employment with genU Business Solutions and shares that  “I look forward to going to work each day and hate sitting at home.”  Her supervisors at genU Business Solutions acknowledge her success and describe her as a very cheerful, fast learner who is doing a really good job.

Inspired by her achievements during Certificate I in Work Education, Lisa has chosen to commence another course with genU Training and has encouraged her mother to also join her. Lisa speaks of the pride her parents have in her achievements and comments that she feels that she “has never had other people  proud of me, but now I do.” In her words “I’m a miracle. Doing this course makes miracles!”