Finding a path to employment with a little help from genU Training

Published: 16 Mar 2018

The healing power of education has helped Kate address her own mental health, and establish a path to ongoing employment.

The Geelong local has recently completed a Certificate IV in Mental Health and a Certificate IV in Youth Work through genU Training, and is now a personal support worker at genU.

Kate experienced mental health problems throughout her twenties, and her focus was always to stay afloat while “trying to be a good Mum” to her son.

“I was just treading water and trying to get through each day,” Kate said.

“A few years ago I got especially sick with my mental health and finally got some help. What I found was missing in my life was purpose.”

A chance meeting with a genU Training representative in the local shopping centre introduced her to the courses genU Training had to offer, and a short time later she gained her certificate qualifications in Mental Health and Youth Work.

Kate said the courses were life changing, and gave her a newfound purpose.

“It was a wonderful experience, my trainer was just amazing,” she said.

“I did a placement class in Work Ed with students who experience cognitive learning difficulties and loved it so much that I stayed as a volunteer. They are such a wonderful group. Watching them learn has been so rewarding.”

“It’s amazing how a bit of encouragement, and a little push when you need it, can help you achieve your goals.”

genU Training offers a wide range of courses including Ageing, Home and Community Care, Community Services, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Community Services, Disability, Foundation Skills, Hospitality, Mental Health, Short Courses and Youth Work.

Kate said the practical knowledge and skills she acquired from her courses established a clear career path.

“Everything I learnt in my courses are transferable skills, and I feel like genU Training gave me the power to make my own path,” she said.

“Much of what I learnt in the classroom set me up and prepared me for the hands-on learning.”

Kate said genU Training was a great place to start a journey to employment through further education and training.

“genU makes sure you don’t just have a qualification, but also an industry network for a lifelong career – so many options and pathways have opened up since I have studied,” she said.

“It becomes a place for friendships and support networks, not just a classroom and not just a place that you show up to eight hours a week.”

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