Deliver high quality service

Disability Employment Fundamentals for DES delivers an end-to-end model of servicing participants that aligns with the new Quality Framework. Fundamentals for DES brings together industry best practice and up to date information, providing a strong foundation of knowledge and skills to help your staff achieve high quality outcomes in the new DES landscape.

Co-designed with providers, with involvement from the Department of Social Services.
Endorsed by Disability Employment Australia.
Delivered by genU Training.

Peter Bacon, CEO DEA

“We recognise there is a need to better standardise learning in our sector and this is a big step towards that goal. We have worked with DEA members to utilise their deep expertise and experience, creating rich learning experiences for staff at all levels.”

Peter Bacon, CEO DEA

Portable professional development

Continuing professional development is becoming more urgent as government focus turns to professionalising the disability employment services sector. Now is the ideal time to proactively build your skills and knowledge before it becomes mandated.

Microcredentials provide an accessible learning approach and offer verified digital credentials that can be added to your professional profile. They can be shared with current and future employers to demonstrate your competency.

If you are employed by a DEA member organisation, completion of this microcredential will contribute to your CPD points and take you one step closer to being officially recognised as a Professional Member of DEA.

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Fundamentals for DES is tailored for leaders and frontline staff and promotes interaction, reflection and change. Relevant to staff at all stages of their career as it ensures their skills align with the new Quality Framework.

Learn in short, manageable portions

Disability Employment Fundamentals for DES includes the following five modules and can be completed online at your own pace in approximately 5 hours.

  1. The Disability Landscape
  2. Recognise Ability, Build Capacity
  3. The Quality Framework
  4. The Employment Journey
  5. Resilience and Self-care

Upon completion of Fundamentals for DES, you will be awarded a microcredential.

If you would like to know more about DEA’s Professional Membership Program and have this microcredential contribute to your CPD points, please contact