Debra determined to make a difference

A trip to a local ice cream shop was all it took for Debra to know that genU Training was the right pathway for her. She had seen pamphlets at her local MatchWorks office about available courses, and after a discussion with a MatchWorks team member over dessert, Debra was excited to develop new skills.

Debra has now completed a CHC43315 Certificate IV in Mental Health and is ready to undertake a CHC43115 Certificate IV in Disability. She was searching for a career change that would provide fulfilment in her life after previously working in the military and administration.

Having left school in year nine and running away from home, the mum of three is determined to provide support to youth, help she wishes had have been available to her.

“Study has never been my forte, and when it came to this I had to put a lot of commitment in,” Debra said.

“My passion is to work with kids, because I found it impossible to get good help. I feel like I’ve got experience that could help in the future.”

Studying mental health has also helped Debra better understand the struggles that people in her personal life have faced.

Currently completing a CHC43115 Certificate IV in Disability, Debra is excited about what her future holds.

“My plan is to dive into working in disability, I want to find a way to become an advocate in schools,” she said.

“Our kids are our future.”

As it turns out, Debra’s trip to the ice cream shop has shaped her future.

“This course was my saviour. genU Training is a barrel of laughs, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it,” she said.

Courses at genU Training (TOID 5553) are now available.

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