Colleen – “No one is ever too old, or unable to achieve their goals in life”

“No one is ever too old, or unable to achieve their goals in life.”

“I was a stay at home mum of three children, so my main focus was on my children and I haven’t really had the opportunity to focus on myself.”

Undertaking a CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing, Home and Community), Colleen put her caring nature to use; “I just like helping. I don’t want anyone to be alone, without visitors”

Colleen’s main motivation behind beginning a course with genU Training was to lead by example to her children; “no matter how old you are, or no matter what you think that you can or can’t do, you can always achieve something in life, and I also want my children to be proud of me.”

Initially drawn to the course, after her mother-in-law fell ill, she felt that she missed the opportunity to care for her before she passed away. Colleen has used this life experience to pursue and achieve her goals to work in the industry.

Colleen first heard about genU Training through a friend, and highly recommends the organisation since having such a positive experience with her fellow students and trainer.

“I would recommend genU Training to my family, friends, and to anyone that is looking to further their skills, goals, career, or to expand their own opportunities.”

The course has enabled Colleen to not only learn the skills she required to enter the community sector and workforce, but also formed friendships.

“I am able to keep up with my studies, while maintaining my life as a mother, it’s very flexible.”

“I feel prepared for the workforce and confident. I can be more open, through being the class and comfortable, it’s changed me for the better.”

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